Published On: Thu 13 Feb, 2020

Is Nepal safe to visit while corona virus thread in the world? (Nepal is safe for Corona)

Is Nepal safe to visit while corona virus thread in the world? (Nepal is safe for Corona) Corona Virus is becoming thread in world, which is affecting to the world tourism. People...

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Published On: Wed 08 Jan, 2020

Walking tour in Kathmandu | world heritage site visit [2020]

Walking tour in Kathmandu [2020] Nepal is country of peace and love! Its capital city is Kathmandu, a place of world heritage site, that attract to every traveler. The capital of...

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Published On: Sun 05 Jan, 2020

How tourism contribute to SDGs | Tourist in Nepal to reduce poverty

Tour in Nepal is contributing to raise Nepal. the article explains how tour and tekking in Nepal is worthful to the country and people. How Tourism support to implement SDGs in Nepal...

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Published On: Sat 04 Jan, 2020

9 Important FAQ about Everest base Camp Trekking | You must know before your trek in 2020

Are you thinking to trek in Everest Base Camp in 2020? You must know following important things that makes your trip safe and secured in 2020. Introduction: Everest Base Camp trekking...

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Published On: Tue 24 Dec, 2019

9 Best Trekking Guide for 2020 in Nepal | Tips

Best Trekking Guide for trekking in 2020 in Nepal Nepal has declared visit Nepal 2020 to attract more tourist in the year. Because of the promotion the expectation of Getting tourist...

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Published On: Tue 17 Dec, 2019

Travel Agency in Kathmandu | Top tour operators in 2020

Nepal is real heaven in the world, which is most chosen destination for traveler from around the world. According to forbes paper (, Nepal is one of the top...

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Published On: Tue 22 Oct, 2019

The Shamanism in Nepal | Spiritual and Cultural Healing (2020)

History of Shama: The Shaman was originated 20,000 years or more, and that the word shaman originated from a Siberian tribe called as the Tungus. History says 'Shamanism was initiated...

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Published On: Mon 14 Oct, 2019

How trekking in Nepal will change your life

Trekking in Nepal will change your life. Have you ever been to the place where you can feel something different? Have you ever experienced releasing your trauma through Natural power? Probably,...

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Published On: Sun 13 Oct, 2019

Tiji Festival Trek in Mustang | Unique Trekking (2020)

What is Tiji Festival in Mustang? The word Tiji is the name of an abbreviated word of Tempa Chhirim which means “Pray for World Peace”. Tiji Festival is being celebrated...

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Published On: Tue 24 Sep, 2019

11 destinations to visit in this Dashain in Nepal (2019)

A Big festival is coming to Nepal. If you are planning to explore different test of dashain you can choose any options among 11 destinations. Ready? Let's celebrate this dshain differently....

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Published On: Mon 23 Sep, 2019

Coffee Tour Program in Nepal (2019) (Unique trek)

Coffee Trekking in Nepal Coffee is very famous in Nepal and it has very long history. Coffee does not differentiate class, it's for everyone and people form every cast, ethnic group,...

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Published On: Mon 23 Sep, 2019

TIMS registration process

Nepal’s Trekkers’ Information Management Systems (TIMS) Are you visiting Nepal for first time? Probably you might not know that you have to get TIMS card before you start...

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Published On: Sun 22 Sep, 2019

8 Things to do in Nepal (Must Read) (Explore 2019)

Things to do In Nepal What to do in Nepal? Confused? Are you planning to visit Nepal and looking for things to do in Nepal? Don’t worry, you are in right place to get all...

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