Our Team

Team of Tour operator in Nepal:-


Of loyal, helpful and kindly characteristics, Mr. Uttam is a managing director of this company. He has long experience as a trekking guide and leader in the tourism field has known him as the best tour operator. He has worked as a trekking guide and group leader for 24 years in the Himalayan range of Nepal. As a trekking guide, he has been in most of the low and high trekking routes that have helped him to be more professional tour operator. He has got well knowledge about biodiversities, landscape, and culture which makes him a good guide. He has guided many tourists from Europe, American, and Asia. Working for a long time as a trekking guide he has also developed the management skill about tour and trekking operator. Looking at the good experience and management skill of Mr. Uttam, many tourists advised him to establish the trekking office so he established this office in 2007AD. Since then he has been organizing trekking, tour, mountaineering in Nepal very well.


An executive director and partner of this company, Devendra Pokharel, was born in the small local village of Manasalu region and has been working in the tourism industry since 1995. Besides involvement in the hospitality sector, he has also taught at hotel management college. As his people loving the hobby, he has been actively involved in educating youth from local and underprivileged orphans to develop hospitality skills since 2011 AD. As an easy going and friendly man, he has many friends around the world. He can easily deal in four different languages ( Spanish, English, Hindi, and Nepali) in his profession. As his experiences from his professional life, he believes that hard work, honesty and continuity are keys for a successful life. Drinking coffee is his habit. Perhaps he might offer you coffee in a first meeting.


As the best trekking guide, he has been working since the establishment of this company. He has guided many tourists successfully. Many tourists considered positively his kind and helpful when a tourist gets a problem.


He has been working in the tourism industry for a long time. He is a well-experienced trekking guide. He loves and cares for tourists. He is from Manaslu region. Every tourist highly appreciates his honesty & hard work. 

 5. Jamuna Gurung

A very good Chinese speaking female staff is working as an accountant and sales person. She has good dealing capacity in five different languages ( Chinese, English, Hindi, Gurung, and Nepali). We highly appreciate her good management skills. As a friendly girl involving in the tourism industry for more than nine years, she believes in hospitality services as a backbone of the tourism industry