Nepal Highpoint Trekking & Expedition

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Why Nepal High Point Trekking?

“An adventure company of Nepal with more than decades as tourism professional With us where you can enjoy hassle-free holidays at ease and in great comfort Expert management providing excellent services to our client needs and request Professional team of staff and guides to show you the wonders of Himalaya Guides and staff with professional working manner to make our clients satisfied Enjoy holiday of a lifetime with wonderful experience with our expert services” Nepal Highpoint Trekking and Expeditions a well known and renowned adventure company of Nepal although fresh decade of providing excellent services to our guests and clients, where staff and guides with more than decades of experience in tourism. Running and leading wide-world travelers with enjoyable and mesmerizing holidays in Nepal as well around neighboring Himalayan countries Bhutan and Tibet. Nepal High Point Trekking, besides trekking and peak climbing adventure we run and organize a wide range of cultural, historical and heritage sightseeing tours to botanical exploration as well running exciting trips like wild-life safari, white- water rafting to scenic floats. Nepal High Point Trekking established by Mr. Uttam Pokharel Managing Director of the company with long history of experience in Nepal Tourism Industry makes sure that every trip a great success and winning heart of many travelers that joins with Nepal High Point Trekking. Nepal High Point Trekking beside running and managing successful trip since the company was established, we also take care of fragile environment committed to Responsible and Eco-Tourism and supporting local rural villages to maintain hygiene, providing clean drinking water through our fundraising welfare charity to help needy villages and as for village school education.

It has been conceived the first idea of establishing a unique type of Trekking company to us with a group of energetic experienced and informative geniuses, dedicated groups and well excellent team after having rigorous and endeavor service in the field of trekking in mountains of Himalayas especially in mountaineering guide. We are heading for with the objectives of offering dedicated service to the tourists trekkers and adventure seekers offering quality service to all our valued guests maintaining well equipped and domestic product materials, necessary luggage's along with generating complement for enacted, unemployed, dynamic local youths with remarkable availability and provisions since youth are, by hear, realized prior considering as pillar and source of social, economic and environmental development of the nation. Our mission is different because it not only offers the quality service to purists, Adventure seekers but also provides the best platform to make the dream and fulfills the wishes into truth. High Himalayas including. Mt. Everest in upper part motionless flowing river in the lowland, scenic beauty in mountainous part has extra efforts to make this land unity in diversity. Nepal Highpoint Trekking and expedition has stood in front of you all to charm and give the highest degrees of satisfaction through trekking and tourism sectors.

Tourists come here for the purpose of Nepal sightseeing, Nepal Jungle Safari, Nepal River Rafting, Nepal Tour Package, Nepal Trekking, and other related outer activities. Moreover, they come here to research and fulfill their cherished dream. This company is the one which commits strongly for the fulfillment of such like a cherished dream among the others Nepal Highpoint Trekking, Thamel awaits you, all with comforts and commitments where satisfactory is extremely peaked and amusement is intensively felt. Our mission would be fulfilled until this company provides the chance to tourists for research and recreation from the scenic beauty of the Himalayas involving themselves unknowing to social work in one kind. The destruction and deterioration of the natural habitat of flora and fauna are very alarming and the world to live in needs to preserve the environment for future generation otherwise we will never be excused. The need for providing extreme satisfaction with the greater effort of commitment has become the main reason behind establishing the company Nepal highpoint trekking, Thamel. We are also dedicated to sanitary environment maintenance of ecosystem and quality service to tourists, trekkers and sight seekers organizing environmental friendly trekking Having Dynamic, well efficient and excellent working team is also extra salient feature whose sole aim is to offer maximum satisfaction and benefits to valued guests for the fulfillment of research, investigation, recreation, which one directly or indirectly related to social work. We are also keenly aware of the impotence of sanitary and healthy environment and share your desire to conserve the scenic beauty of our landscape. We have, no doubt, a group of working guides offering their service in making the trekking of tourists as a matter to be cherished throughout their lives. It is our pleasure to welcome you to the land of MT. Everest, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, the existence of exquisite temples and home for brave Gorkhas. Here you will be surrounded by lofty cliffs, gorging waterfalls, breathtaking scenery, myriads of mountain trials await your adventure in this wonderful landscape. For these, all activities, Nepal Highpoint Trekking hearty welcomes to you all.