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Nepal’s Trekkers’ Information Management Systems (TIMS)

Are you visiting Nepal for first time? Probably you might not know that you have to get TIMS card before you start your trekking. Here is detail information about TIMS card in Nepal.

Nepal is one of the world top destination for trekking and tour. Nepal has established itself as a paradise for trekkers, which is calling peoples from the different corner of the world.

People from all over the world are enjoying Nepal with it's amazing nature. Nepal offering plenty of options to explore

However, there is difficulties to maintain database about trekkers in Nepal that leads to unsafe trekking. Considering those fact government of Nepal came up with solution that is Trekkers Information Management System (TIMS). This system was introduced on 1st January, 2008 in collaboration with TAAN and Nepal tourism board.

What is the Trekkers’ Information Management Systems?

TIMS is a trekkers database maintained by TAAN and Nepal tourism board. The database contains information of people who is trekking in Nepal. The major theme of TIMS is to maintain platform to control illegal trekking in Nepal. The database contains track record of trekkers from the globe at the same time this system ensures for secure trekking in Nepal.

How to obtain TIMS Card?

TIMS card is provided to the visiting tourists in Nepal, the card can receive through government registered company. In order to get TIMS Card you need copy of Passport and two copies of Passport-size Photographs.

Why you need Trekkers’ Information Management Systems?

TIMS for every trekkers planning in Nepal is necessary because it helps to manage trekking in Nepal. There are plenty of illegal trekking growing that leads to insecurity. TIMS helps to regulates the growing trekking industry in Nepal, a venture that is profitable but not without accompanying dangers. Having a centralized database containing information on trekkers and trekking routes are useful in maintaining the trekkers’ safety and security.

This database helps to compile information of each trekker in Nepal including their route, agency details, their trek duration, their stay report so that every agency will be responsible to fulfill basic necessity for trekking in Nepal.

In what condition TIMS does not be required?

The expedition members permitted to climb the mountains.

The visitors in the controlled areas permitted by the Department of Immigration.

The foreign guests invited by the Government of Nepal.

The authorities from different diplomatic missions in the country, who is holding official letter/s and traveling own risk

Visitors on certain mission recommended by the concerned department of the Government.

Foreign Nationals having the residential visa.

What are checklist required to get TIMS Card?

Individual trekker need following documents to get TIMS card. Make sure you have all information before applying for TIMS card.

Starting and ending dates for trekking (you can provide tentative idea)

Starting point and ending point for your trekking.

Trekking itinerary including route

Local contact number while you are in Nepal (that may be your agency contact details)

Emergency contact information of your home country

Insurance policy number, including their contact information and a statement of your insurance policy coverage.

Where do you get TAAN Card?

You can get tan card as follows:

If you are free Individual Trekkers:

Free Individual Trekkers can obtain TIMS cards from offices of Nepal Tourism Board in Kathmandu and Pokhara from TAAN Pokhara Secretariat in Pokhara, upon filling up TIMS application form.

If you are Organized Trekkers:

Organized trekkers can obtain TIMS cards from TAAN Secretariat in Maligaun, TAAN TIMS Counter in Saatghumti, Thamel, and TAAN Pokhara Secretariat in Pokhara.

Fee Structure to get TIMS Card:

Fees structure to get TIMS card also varies depending on the person applying.

If you are group trekkers – NRs. 1,000 (equivalent to 10$)

If you are free individual trekkers – NRs. 2,000 (Equivalent to 20$)

Note* that, fees are paid per trekking route and per point of entry.

For SAARC countries (India, Bangaladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Srilanka, Bhutan) different rates apply. The adjusted fees are as follows:

If you are group trekkers – NRs. 300 (Equivalent to 3$)

If you are free individual trekkers – NRs. 600 (Equivalent to 6$)